İBB Başkanı Ekrem İmamoğlu’ndan GTA 5'li Dezenfekte Paylaşımı

Sharing of GTA 5 Disinfection by Ekrem İmamoğlu

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Sharing the video of the scene where a character in GTA 5 sprayed disinfectant into a bus, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu reminded that all public transport vehicles were disinfected before they set out.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has been ongoing since the beginning of 2020, has led to an increase in the importance given to hygiene. Businesses that used to offer cologne to their customers, now in boxes placed on the doors disinfectant offering.

In public transport, disinfection works are even more important and almost all municipalities public transport they undergo an intensive disinfection process. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is among the municipalities that carry out disinfection works in public transportation vehicles.

Ekram İmamoğlu’s GTA 5 share:

Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, reminded that the vehicles are disinfected in order to increase the confidence of the citizens in the hygiene conditions in public transportation vehicles. GTA VHe made a remarkable post, using a scene from.

In the statement IMM GTA 5 Department Our Mobile Hygiene Fleet continues to disinfect IETT buses. (We are not that tight) “ Using his expressions, İmamoğlu added a character in GTA V wearing a protective costume from head to toe, spraying disinfectant into a bus. It is possible to say that the message given by the video in question has become both more fun and more attractive as it is intended.

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