Alphabet’s Internet Project Loon Has Ended

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Alphabet announced that the internet bubble project Loon, which it started 9 years ago, has been terminated. The fact that the project had no sustainability and the costs could not be reduced in the explanations made on the subject led to such a decision.

US-based technology giant Google’s umbrella company AlphabetAbout 9 years ago, he started a global internet project called “Loon”. The engineers were aiming to provide internet service to the desired location with the high-altitude balloons they used within the scope of this project. The balloons rise to the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere, over a very large area Internet was offering the link. In fact, this technology was being used for testing purposes in various parts of the world. But it seems Loon he came to the end of the road.

Alphabet, with a statement made yesterday evening, unplugged announced. Thus, the project, which originally aimed to reach billions of people with internet, was shelved. According to the statements made by Alphabet, the project had no sustainability and when new business partners were not found, such a decision had to be made. Loon CEO Alastair WestgarthHe said that they are in search of new ways to bring the internet to billions of people.

Loon reached agreement with Kenyan government

Alphabet was very hopeful about the Loon project. Even in the statements made within the 9-year period, telecommunication companies and with governments It was stated that we were in communication and that all boundaries were pushed to deliver the internet to all parts of the world. Alphabet has even announced that it has agreed with the Kenyan government on the issue. gave hope. But things don’t seem to have quite gone as planned. In the explanations on the subject, it was mentioned that there are no solutions to sustain the project and reduce the cost.


Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Experiences First Income Drop In Its History

Another reason for the end of the Loon project is that global internet projects from companies such as Amazon and SpaceX also appear to be involved. For example SpaceX, Starlink It equips the Earth with satellites that will provide internet with the project called as. Moreover, the company is doing very well in this regard. As a matter of fact, Alphabet could not provide what was expected and could not find enough partners in the face of this serious opponent. This caused the project to be difficult. However, the statements made are it won’t be the last already showing. In addition, Alphabet says that new investors interested in the project will be given support regarding the process and even the details of the Loon project can be shared. Maybe a different company can continue the work by purchasing all the rights of Loon. Time will show that.

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