Brain Control Will Make the Real World Boring

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Valve boss Gabe Newell said the real world will get boring when brain-computer interfaces start animating games in our brains. According to Newell, this technology will enable us to do fantastic things in games with the visual accuracy of the real world.

World’s largest online game store and game studio Valve’s boss Gabe Newell made both interesting and unsettling statements about brain-computer interfaces (BCI), which he often emphasized and invested in.

According to Gabe Newell brain computer interfacesGame companies that do not invest in this technology in the near future will be greatly disappointed, with the potential to take video games to a completely different level in terms of both experience and visuals.

Games with brain computer interfaces can be played without a controller

To briefly summarize the technology Valve is working on; brain computer interfaces will detect the signals in your brain with a headset similar to a virtual reality set you wear on your head and It will allow you to play games without the need for a controller. Moreover, this technology will be able to detect your emotions such as excited, happy and angry, and when you get bored with the game, it will increase the difficulty and lock you into the game.

All of this applies to situations where brain-computer interfaces detect signals in our brains. What if the titles we wear allow us to run and play games directly in our brain with the signals they send? Newell, signaling for the moment creating images directly in the brain Although he said it was difficult, he made exciting statements about the potential of the technology.

Brain computer interfaces; will make the real world colorless and blurry

brain computer interface

Creating games directly in the brain with brain computer interfaces, according to Gabe Newell, will make the real world flat, colorless and blurry. While games will be able to present images with real world accuracy with new generation technology; the limits of visuality will go beyond what our eyes can offer.

Speaking about people’s concern over the state of a device sending signals to their brains, Newell said, first of all. that nobody will be forced to do something that they don’t wantHe stated that it will be a technology that people freely prefer, just like using a telephone.

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