EU Prepares to Fine WhatsApp

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The European Union is preparing to impose a 50 million euro fine on WhatsApp, which has recently come up with a new data privacy agreement in our country and in the world. The reason for the punishment is that WhatsApp violated the EU’s data protection rules.

The problems faced by Facebook and all of its subsidiaries in terms of data privacy and data sharing, and the penalties that the company will have to pay because of this, seem endless. The company now seems likely to come from the EU. A penalty of 50 million euros faced with.

The data protection agency in Ireland, where WhatsApp’s headquarters in Europe is located, is where WhatsApp and Facebook for the use of personal data initiated an investigation. The starting reason for the ongoing investigation is the mistakes made by WhatsApp in sharing personal data with Facebook and the users in Europe. not informing in a transparent way. WhatsApp’s move is against the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect in 2018.

The penalty has not been finalized, Facebook has allocated 77.5 million euros for the fine:

Irish Data Protection Authority, EU member It continues to negotiate with the relevant authorities in other countries on the penalty to be imposed on WhatsApp. As a result of these negotiations, the EU is expected to fine WhatsApp between 30 million and 50 million euros.

With this decision and punishment, WhatsApp’s how they use personal data It is said that it will also need to be changed. According to the information contained in the financial reports of Facebook, the company can be fined WhatsApp. 77.5 million euros That being said.


Business World and Law Association Sends a Notice to WhatsApp for Privacy Principles

It is not known when the penalty will be clear yet, but Facebook’s on data usage Despite all the regulations it has made, it is thought that such problems will continue in the European Union.

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