Facebook for iOS ‘Session Expired’ Error

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Many iPhone users have encountered a problem whose reason is not yet understood last night. Users who tried to log in to the Facebook application but realized that they were logged out of their accounts for no reason, faced problems when they wanted to log in.

There was a problem with the Facebook application for iPhone, the cause of which has not yet been explained. Many users who want to access Facebook application with their iPhones last night, ‘Session expired‘he received the warning and realized that he was logged out of his accounts. It did not take long for the users who raised the problem on Twitter to realize that they were not the only people living the situation.

When users tried to log into their accounts, they encountered a completely different problem. Many users who failed login attempts in the first place, after a while two-factor authentication Managed to login with. However, SMS messages containing the verification code took a long time to arrive, and some users even needed the app to regain access to their accounts. had to upload ID photos.

Statement from Facebook:

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After the increased complaints on Twitter, a statement on the subject came from Facebook. A Facebook spokesperson who first made a statement to Engadget, they are working on the problem stated. Then a message was shared from the Facebook App official Facebook page.

Facebook in the message about the cause of the situation He did not give any information. Facebook said in a statement ‘We are investigating reports of users who have been logged out and had to log back in to access their Facebook account. We are trying to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience‘used expressions.


Facebook Releases New Login System For iOS 14 Users

No similar issue has been reported on Android devices, and there is currently no information on whether the problem persists or not. Your problem an explanation as to why It is not known whether he will come or not.

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