Facebook Will Open Ad Targeting Data

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Facebook comes up with criticism about its privacy and ads. Facebook, which has been criticized for its targeted ads, especially during election periods, will allow researchers to investigate this issue in order to increase its transparency on this issue.

Owner of the most used social media platforms in the world Facebookcontinues to come up with unpleasant things lately. Especially with the latest privacy policy update of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook, which has its own name, has gotten into a big problem. targeted ads He was also extremely criticized because of it.

It seems that Facebook has decreased criticism about this issue and has been increasingly interested in privacy and ad targeting. transparency made a new development to increase. Before the elections in the United States, which will take place in November will help you more.

Facebook will allow exploration of election ad targeting data:

Facebook will allow researchers to access ‘targeting data’ by February 1, 2021. On Instagram and Facebook More than 1.3 million found in targeting data on social issues, election and political advertisingwill be accessible to researchers. The investigation of these advertisements will be carried out in the three months before the election day. The reason for this is that the ads are published during these periods.


Facebook, master craftsmen in Turkey and to “Digitalization” to Give Education

Facebook, “We’ve especially heard feedback from the academic community, and we know it’s important to understand how advertisers are targeting audiences. We are also aware of the importance of understanding the online political advertising environment in protecting elections, and We also know we can’t do it aloneHe stated that he would help researchers.

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