Featured News of the Last Week in the Gaming World

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There have been many important developments in the game world last week. In this content, we have brought together the most striking and talked about news of the week we left behind.

During the week we left behind game in the world we have witnessed many developments. IO Interactive has long been highly anticipated new game Hitman 3 the whole world at the same time offered for sale in Turkey, Xbox Series X and Series S was announced to go on sale in Turkey prices. On the other hand, the news of the future of a new PUBG game in 2021 made its mark on the past week.

As we mentioned before, the past week has been very active both in our country and in the world in terms of the game industry. We are also in this content prominent game news of the past week we brought it together. Let’s take a closer look at all these developments.

Featured game news of the past week:

Found the Seed of Herobrine World in Minecraft

One of the most popular games in the world, Minecraft, which is proposed as “creepypasta” and seen as a kind of Slender Man Herobrine legend exist. Now, a publisher has shared visuals that prove the existence of this strange character, which was unnoticed by the actors for a long time. Herobrine is thought to be the deceased brother of Minecraft’s developer Markus Alexej Persson, aka Notch.

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3D Designs of GTA Characters that Look Like Real People


A professional graphic designer named Hossein Diba, Redesigned the main characters of GTA games by adapting them with today’s technologies. Diba, who previously worked with industry giants such as CD PROJEKT RED and Blizzard Entertainment, recreated characters ranging from Tommy Vercetti to CJ and Niko Bellic in this work.

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Contract of Turkish CS: GO Player Woxic Playing in Cloud9 Has Been Terminated Due To A General Problem In Our Country


Managed to attract attention with his good games in mousesports and transferred to Cloud9 a few months ago with a record $ 1.3 million Free “Woxic” Eker contract was mutually terminated. The statement is causing the termination of the contract to see if Woxic, the fate of the players in Turkey “ping problems“it happened.

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Hitman 3, all with the world was put up for sale in Turkey at the Same Time

Hitman 3

The last game of the Hitman series, developed by IO Interactive and became a game legend, was released. That will end the story Hitman 3For PC gamers in our country 260 TL On the console side, for PS4 / PS5, while offered for sale with a price tag 499 TRYFor Xbox Series XIS From 260 TL available for purchase.

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A New PUBG Game Will Meet PC and Console Players in 2021


One of the most popular survival game of the times A new game of PUBG it turned out to be working on. It is reported that this new PUBG game, which is not known much yet, will be released for PC and console platforms by the end of 2021. However, it is stated that a new version of PUBG Mobile will be released this year.

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Players from Turkcell Mester Will Description: NVIDIA GeForce NOW Servers Turkey Coming

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Powered by Game +

NVIDIA performs cooperation with Turkcell, Turkcell’s gaming platform for mainstream gamers in Turkey Gamevia + the server in Turkey GeForce NOW will provide service. It is also among the information that NVIDIA GeForce NOW Powered by Game +, which appeals to gamers who do not want to invest thousands of TL in powerful hardware to play games, will be launched in the coming months and that a limited number of users will be able to benefit from the service in the first place.

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Take Two’s New Patent Shows That NPCs In GTA 6 Will Be Really Intelligent


A new patent obtained by Take-Two Interactive, the umbrella company of Rockstar Games, NPCs in GTA 6 It shows that he may have intelligence that we have never seen in any game before. With the new patent, NPCs are in contrast to the predictable behavior we have known for years unique personality traits It is said that it will be and act and react according to these characteristics.

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Xbox X-Series and S Series of Turkey Visited Discount Price

Xbox Series X

Following the reduction of the additional customs duty rate of 50% to 20% as of January 1, 2021 Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Console prices have been reduced considerably. According to this From 8.299 TL announced Xbox Series X with an average discount of 800 TL To 7.499 TL while falling From 5.399 TL Xbox Series S announced, after an average discount of 900 TL Of 4.499 TL took its place in technology stores with its new price.

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An Extremely Rare CS: GO Weapon Skin Sold for $ 150K


In-game trading, which is one of the most important features that distinguishes CS: GO from other games, has risen to a completely different level with a new transaction. According to what is reported AK-47 Case Harderdened ST MW 661 weapon skin, 150 thousand dollars It became the most expensive weapon skin in CS: GO history, at an astronomical price. What makes the coating so rare is that it is inside the first gun case that came to the game and has a StatTrak sticker.

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