Google Street View Allows You to “Hide” Your Home

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The feedback feature of Google Street View allows users to blur their homes in street view if they wish. With the same feature, it is possible to blur your face or your car.

One of the world’s largest technology companies GoogleExcept for Maps, which is a navigation application, and Google Earth, where you can examine the four corners of the world in three dimensions, it allows you to travel anywhere in the world street by street. “Street View” It also has a service called.

Considering that Google Street View offers you the opportunity to physically visit places that you may never visit as if you were walking through the streets. useful and fun we can say it is a service. Do you think the house owners on the streets you walked think the same thing?

If you don’t want Google to showcase your home, you can request it to hide it

While Google transfers cities street by street to the digital world with Street View, on the other hand, users can view their homes without permission. Open to everyone is displayed as. Still Google; A for those who do not want their home, face or car to be publicly displayed in street view. “Blur” offers the option.

In the web version of Google Street View, go to the location where your face, house or car is located and click the “button” in the lower right corner of the screen.Report a problemWhen you click the “button,”Report Inappropriate Street ViewA form titled ”appears.

google street view form

In the form provided by Google, the first picture preview, the house, face, car or other object you want to blur, inside the red square you are setting. Then “What do you want us to blur?“And”What’s wrong with this picture?You answer the questions with an appropriate option.

After following these steps Enter your e-mail address By completing the reCAPTCHA verification, you can send your feedback to Google. If Google finds your request appropriate, it hides the object in question by blurring it.

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