Google Will Hide Content Of Notifications When Sharing Screen

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With the new feature announced for Meet, Google announced that it will hide the content of web notifications during screen sharing. Changing this feature will not be under the control of administrators.

With the coronavirus pandemic requiring home work and distance education screen sharing feature has become more popular than ever before. Employees or teachers had to share their computer screens, regardless of application, either to present their projects or to continue their education.

However, since our computers are not devices that we use only for training or work, minor accidents or distractions can occur during screen sharing. Notifications are at the top of these distractions and Googleplans to eliminate this problem, at least for its own applications.

Google will not allow even administrators to view the content of notifications

Sharing a new post on its official blog, Google is now automatically hide the content of web notifications explained. Stating that notifications from Google Chat, e-mail and third-party websites are included in this update, Google stated that when screen sharing is stopped, all muted notifications will be displayed.

As you can imagine, this feature Google MeetIt will apply to the screen sharing feature in. Underlining that there is no admin control for this feature, Google states that the new feature is released as of January 25, but it may take up to 3 days to reach all users.

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