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A user posted a thread on the Hardware News forum where he listed what he did to save his vehicle’s fuel. The user, who managed to be in the “Hardware News Measurer” class with what he did to save fuel, was on the agenda both in the DH forum and in Ekşi Sözlük.

One of the popular websites in our country, Hardware NewsThere is also a forum side. DH forum users share their opinions, comments and information on certain topics.

DH forum and on the internet Hardware Newsmeters has named users. If you are an active internet user, you must have come across this phrase. If you have never come across it, you will understand exactly why this term is used in this news.

Hardware News user’s interesting saving method

A savings topic opened under the motor vehicles world category on the DH forum, not only in Hardware News, but also Sour Dictionarymanaged to be on the agenda in He explained what the user did to save fuel in his vehicle as follows:

“I wanted to try a few methods to see how little I can burn this vehicle and I managed to pull 4.1 liters, which is 4.6 liters in the city. Average speed seems 15.

* In the first place, I put the unnecessary items in the luggage home. (Luggage mat, spare wheel, first aid kit, fire extinguisher.)

* Later, because the rear seat of the vehicle is not used, I removed the headrests and put the rear mats in the house in the same way. (The seat cannot be removed, I tried …)

* The second issue came to my mind when I was thinking about what kind of savings I can make, the insulation material inside the hood of the vehicle came to my mind, we live in a country that does not fall 15 degrees below the air, I said unnecessary and I disassembled it and it was heavy and I put it in the house.

* There was only the engine protection cover from the engine part, I also removed it, the plastic part I put it in the house.

* I switched off the automatic feature of the headlight adjustment and did not use it until it was completely dark in the evening.

* I turned off the ambient lighting from the road computer.

* We do not use the air conditioner in cold weather, I also thought whether it would be more economical with a coat, should I turn on the heater. I chose the coat to be able to go outside, and I never used the heater.

* I put everything in the torpedo home, I just left the license in the vehicle.

I have saved 15% in this way, now I aim to reduce the fuel consumption a little more. “


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It is worth mentioning that the user in question exaggerated the situation a bit to save money. Especially first aid kit and fire extinguisher Removal of potentially critical items is even too much for savings. Of course, this event was also on the agenda in Ekşi Sözlük. Here are the leading dictionary writers on the subject entry ‘Some of them are:

sour dictionary hardware news gauge

sour dictionary hardware news gauge

sour dictionary hardware news gauge

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