Huawei Sound, was put up for sale in Turkey: Here Price

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Huawei, a leading figure of the acoustic industry developed together with new wireless speakers Sound Devialet offered for sale in Turkey. It is hard to say that Huawei Sound, a high-end wireless speaker, has an affordable price for every budget.

Huawei, before in 2019 Huawei Sound X joining forces for Devialet has officially announced Sound, the new high-end wireless speaker they have developed together with. This “premium” wireless speaker now, Huawei Online Store also been sold in Turkey over the case.

New generation Huawei Soundwas the final product of the partnership between the two giants. Recently, for better sound depth in all loud sound output loudspeakers of the company Devialet their patents were used. Although the new version is relatively small, it comes with improved full-body sound depth technology.

New partnership from Huawei and Devialet

In the new generation product 4 speaker acoustic design used. One of these speakers 40 watt woofer while other three speakers are 5 watts it needs power. Thanks to the Devialet design, where two passive radiators suppress mutually returning sound waves and provide a clean sound output, the speakers will allow to ignore its unpretentious structure. to sound quality accessing.


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Thanks to the new technology, in the sound from the speakers vibration very little distortion is also low. Up to 90 decibels sound needs can be solved with high quality thanks to this system. In higher decibels, distortion begins to show itself.

Feel the pressure


Who always has strong bass Huawei speakers This feature is preserved in the new generation. Thanks to the new 1 woofer + 2 passive unit structure, it is possible to control both woofer and passive radiators. so even at low decibels it becomes possible to hear powerful bass.

In the new system 3 loudspeakers at an angle of 120 degrees each takes place. In this system, the speakers interact with each other to identify listener position and calibrate themselves for an optimal experience. In addition, there are four different sound effects in the system.

Huawei Sound price

As we mentioned at the beginning of our news Huawei Sound, You can understand this with a high-end wireless speaker and sound experience as well as its price. The price of Huawei Sound, which comes across users with a black color option, Huawei Online Store‘in 2,499 TRY has been explained as.

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