Is It Possible To Change The Laptop Graphics Card?

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When we realize that our desktop computers are no longer removing powerful computer games, the first thing that comes to mind is to change the graphics card. So what should laptop users do when they experience the same situation? In fact, we have investigated this subject, which we have entered into serious research with the dream of playing games with high system requirements on our laptop, and we have conveyed it in the most accurate way.

In order to speed up your laptop and play new games, you first upgraded the RAM or SSD and extended its life for a while. However, a certain time has passed and you have started to realize that the problem is in the graphics card of your computer. If you had a desktop computer, the solution would undoubtedly be to replace the graphics card.

In laptop computers, the only thing that will cause you to change the graphics card is not hardware failure, but you may also experience malfunctions. Is it possible to change graphics cards in laptops? The answer to this question depends on your computer. We explain the details.

Laptop (laptop) video card replacement is possible in some cases:

Laptop graphics card replacementfrom replacing your desktop computer’s graphics card It is quite troublesome and it has fine points. Laptop graphics cards are divided into internal and external. The internal ones are called “Intel HD Graphics” and come integrated with the processor on the motherboard. External ones are often referred to as ” Nvidia ” and ” AMD ” and these graphics cards often come integrated with the motherboard.

In case of malfunction of the video cards that come integrated with the motherboard, if they cannot be repaired Possible to exchange with the same model of graphics card can be However, there is no guarantee for this process, because there are cases where the changed graphics card cannot perform as well as before.

So, in which cases is it not possible to change a laptop video card?

This situation seems to upset most laptop owners, but laptop graphics card replacement, not possible if aiming to upgrade the current graphics card. Because each graphics card has its own specific power and temperature requirements, you cannot change your graphics card because its performance is low.

If you try to change your laptop graphics card even though it does not support it, you may burn your laptop’s motherboard and render it completely unusable. Not only for laptops, but because all electronic devices are very sensitive, the slightest mistake on their motherboards can make these devices completely unusable.

There is one last option: MXM slot

Some laptops, if like we mentioned above To the MXM slot if he has graphics card replacement possible may be. However, since these laptops are generally very high-end laptops, the prices of the graphics card that will change can reach very high levels. D

There are several ways to tell if your laptop has a MXM slot. The first is to contact the manufacturer of your laptop to find out if there is an MXM slot, and the second is to open up if your laptop is out of warranty to see if your laptop has an MXM slot.

It is worth mentioning again; Since laptop graphics cards are mobile, only some high-end models are produced with MXM slots. Other than that, entry-level, mid-level or even most high-end laptops graphics cards integrated into the motherboard is coming. For this reason, if your device has a MXM slot, it is possible to upgrade a laptop graphics card. But this time notebook graphics card replacement price can burn users’ pockets.

If your laptop doesn’t adapt to any of the ways we mentioned, last resort: eGPU

If your laptop cannot meet the paths we mentioned above, the only thing you will do is eGPU. external video card will receive. However, there are serious sensitive points in this regard. Because the slightest mistake you make while connecting the external graphics card to your laptop can cause irreversible malfunctions and make your laptop unusable.

Of course, you will need some parts to start using the external video card you bought. The first of these pieces eGPU portBy converting the port to which the Wi-Fi card in your laptop is connected, it will allow you to use the video card you have bought. However, only this part is not enough, it is a tool to meet the electricity requirement of your video card. PSU so you need to buy a power supply. However, you have to be very careful here too, because the The wattage of the power supply will change the electricity requirement of your graphics card. it must meet enough.

If you have all the parts, the assembly part is next. However, if you do not have any technical knowledge, we definitely do not recommend assembly. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to get technical support. Finally, we need to state that; The video card you will install in your laptop will not be able to give you a desktop performance. However, it will not upset you much in terms of performance.


When the graphics card is broken in laptops, it is possible to change to the same model. However, those who ask this question usually aim to install a higher graphics card. Do this often impossible, where it is not impossible, unreasonable for various reasons.. Our recommendation to you is that if you think your laptop’s graphics card is insufficient, you should renew your laptop. Because even when a laptop video card replacement is possible, it is quite costly and you may not get the performance you want.

In addition, the above mentioned external video card installation situation may not give you the performance you want exactly and may cause some problems in your laptop. For this reason, if you want to keep your device constantly up-to-date, play the games you want and upgrade your system whenever you want, to choose a desktop computer we recommend.

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