Windows 10X’in Akıllı Telefonlarda da Gayet İyi Çalıştığını Gösteren Video

Lumia 950 XL with Windows 10X Boot

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A Twitter user named Gustave Monce shared the video of the Lumia 950XL smartphone with the new operating system Windows 10X preloading. Based on the published video, claims were made that Windows is focusing again on smartphones, and it was revealed that the new operating system will have a completely different Start menu.

With its renewed interface In the spring of 2021 New developments regarding Microsoft 10X, the new operating system expected to be released, continue to occur. If you remember recently Windows 10X Surface Pro 7 Images of the splash screen of the new operating system, which was shown while working on we shared.

A Twitter user named Gustave Monce has long since introduced the new operating system to Lumia 950 XL smartphone. to boot was trying to do it, and recently it finally achieved its goal. Monce for smartphone completely has a different Start menu experience Windows 10X via Twitter shared.

Camera, cellular data, and automatic screen rotation not working consistently yet

Technology giant Microsoft has taken a new step into the smartphone market with Nokia in recent years and For smartphone models such as Lumia had started developing an operating system. The company, after a long period of time, in 2019, smartphones with the Windows operating system can’t get any more updates stating that he withdrew from the market had explained.

According to the post by Gustave Monce, Windows, Lumia to rework started. There were claims that it would be a new smartphone with the Windows 10X operating system, but Monce further strengthened these claims with his share.


Latest Version of Windows 10X Can Support Win32 Apps

Monce, the screen resolution of the operating system It matches the aspect ratio extremely wellHowever, he stated that there is still a lot of work to be done. Stating that the camera, cellular data and automatic screen rotation are not working properly, Monce said. the processor is also running slower than normal expressed that he discovered.

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