New Login System for iOS 14 Users from Facebook

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Facebook is introducing a new login system called Restricted Mode to iOS 14 users. The reason for the company to offer a new login system is Apple’s data tracking policy introduced with iOS 14.

In iOS 14, the new version of the operating system, Apple has introduced a great innovation to its users in privacy and tracking of data. Apple has brought this feature to the operating system. from data shared with application developers He wanted him to know.

The company also gave application developers time to update their application policies according to these changes. Of course, there were also those who were not satisfied with this change of Apple, and most of them were from targeted ads the winner was Facebook. However, Facebook found a solution to circumvent this as well.

New login system for iOS 14 users from Facebook

Although Facebook says targeted ads on its platform are very important to small businesses and Apple’s move is hurting small businesses, Apple did not accept these charges. Facebook also provided a solution to this problem: New entry system.

Facebook’s new login system is referred to as Limited Login mode and allows Apple’s data tracking policy to go around, so to speak. The company is the offers two options for login: Classic Preamble mode and Limited Preamble mode.

Classic Login mode will be Facebook as we know it, while Limited Login mode will allow users to access a different version of the app. When logging in from this mode, the user only name, profile photo and email address will be shared. In this way, Facebook will allow developers to collect data from those who choose Classic Login mode, while complying with Apple’s new rules.


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Well, what do you think about this subject? Do you really think Apple’s policy negatively affects small businesses advertising on Facebook? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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