New Program Against Misleading Information from Twitter: Birdwatch

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To prevent misleading information from spreading like a virus, Twitter announced a program that is currently active only in the US: Birdwatch. With Birdwatch, Twitter users will be able to add notes containing the correct information to a post that they think contains false information.

One of the most popular social media platforms in the world twitterWe can also say that, by its nature, it is one of the largest interactive news centers. Many people use Twitter to learn about the world or local agenda and to whiten their opinions. As such, Twitter, to spread false information also provides a suitable environment.

Twitter, just to avoid this situation Birdwatch announced a new program called. “A community-focused approach to handling misleading information” to provide feedback on a tweet containing misleading information with Birdwatch identified as possible to add alternative information is happening. In this way, even if the content of the tweet is not changed, those who see the tweet have the opportunity to learn the correct information.

Twitter plans to allow users to add accurate information to tweets containing misleading information.

According to the statement made by Twitter, Birdwatch will be available only in the USA at least for now, and alternative information added with Birdwatch will not be displayed directly on Twitter. Still Birdwatch’s official website You will be able to view alternative information shared via.

Keith Coleman, Vice President of Twitter’s Product Division, also touched on some details about Birdwatch in his article on the Twitter Blog. According to Coleman, Birdwatch aims to enable the community to do more than respond to a tweet containing false information. A tweet was posted by a large number of community participants. Corrected with “correct information” if Birdwatch will start displaying this alternative information directly within Twitter. Thus, you will be able to see the correct information as well as the tweet containing false information.


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According to Twitter’s statements, all data contributing to the Birdwatch program will be published publicly. In addition, the codes of the algorithms that reveal Birdwatch will be publicly published in the Birdwatch manual. “How much is the community wide and diverse We know Birdwatch will be better at handling misleading information “ Coleman says, inviting everyone to join Birdwatch.

Birdwatch sharing from Twitter Support official account

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