Quantum Computer Cabinet Cooler Than Outer Space

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Quantum computers are at an important crossroads, according to the Oxford Quantum Circuits CEO. At this point, new refrigerators that can reach even lower degrees than outer space are of great importance.

Refrigerator The thing that comes to mind almost always happens to be the same: white goods that we open and close 27 times a day during the pandemic period and hide our food. Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) For its CEO, Ilana Wisby, the refrigerator is something else entirely.

In the united kingdom owning the only commercially available quantum computer OQCStated that they will start working on ultra low temperature refrigerators with the company named Oxford Instruments Nanoscience.

Colder than outer space

According to the agreement, QOC is the next generation in the world Proteox refrigerators will be its first user. Temperature inside these devices 5-8 milikelvine can fall as much. So it is possible to get down to almost absolute zero.

To Wisby by Thanks to such powerful refrigerators, organizations such as the QOC are to new horizons able to deliver. The quantum bit quality of superconductors also increases, thanks to extremely low temperatures.


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Making a statement on the subject Wisby, “The quantum effect occurs only in very low energy environments, and the energy increases the temperature. Ultimately, we need to be at incredibly low temperatures, as we’re working at the single-digit electron level.“used expressions.

Performance increases as the temperature decreases

quantum computer


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Systems in quantum computers as it cools there is less noise and clutter. The less noise and clutter, the clearer results we can get. With Proteox, OQC hopes to be able to significantly improve this architecture.

Although quantum computers are the future of computing, it is necessary to understand these systems. know physics is required. On a very basic basis, these devices stretch the laws of physics at the quantum level to process more data. For example only With 1 and 0 Instead of carrying data, they transfer data on constantly changing superparticles. Thus, their capacity becomes much higher.

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