Samsung Galaxy S21 Didn’t Deliver Seamless Updates

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Samsung’s 2021 flagship phones also did not support the seamless update feature. The feature introduced by Google in 2016 keeps the phone running during Android software updates. However, Samsung cannot adopt this feature.

South Korean tech giant Samsung, its latest flagship phones on January 14 Galaxy S21announced. The phone, which is full of today’s latest technological features, fascinated Samsung fans with its design. But on this phone, a serious deficiency was noticed. This shortcoming, noticed by Android Police, reveals that once again, Samsung refused to offer seamless updates.

Samsung is one of the best representatives of software updating. The company offers the latest in flagship phones as well as mid and entry class phones. software updatesoffers at the right time. However, Samsung’s update process takes quite a long time. Some users even update their phones Up to 15 minutes they cannot use it. This topic, which was discussed a lot in 2020, did not change in 2021.

Why isn’t Samsung adopting the seamless update feature introduced in 2016?

Google facilitated software updates in 2016 “continuous updateThis feature enabled the phone to be used during software updates of Android. So, just like Google Play Store updates, there is no interruption in system updates, as it is. User experience was getting better. However, Google has never made this feature mandatory. In other words, continuous updates were the manufacturer’s choice, and even though Samsung is the fastest update company in the industry, this feature did not support.


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Android Police has repeatedly reached out to Samsung about why the seamless update feature is not being adopted. However, the company does not want to make a statement on this matter. refused. Android Police, which reached Samsung again after the announcement of the Galaxy S21 family, states that it has not received an answer. This feature of some companies that have failed to update compared to Samsung while supportingThe lack of such a feature on Samsung’s thousands of dollar phones may start to bother users in the near future.

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