Sputnik V Sign Agreement for Production in Turkey

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The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDFI) announced that a contract was signed with a Turkish company for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine developed against coronavirus. Following the agreement, Turkey, the Russian Sputnik V vaccine will be produced will be 7 countries.

Affecting the whole world new type of coronavirus who announced that they had registered the first vaccine against Russiacontinues to work on the production of the vaccine abroad. In this context, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDFI), developed against coronavirus Sputnik V for the production of a vaccine Turkish announced that a contract has been signed with the company.

According to the Russian Interfax agency, RDFI said today The technology transfer required for production of the vaccine to Turkey stated that the process has started. RDIF, which is responsible for the overseas marketing of the Sputnik V vaccine, has previously reached agreements with manufacturers in South Korea, China, India, Brazil, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine will be manufactured in Turkey:

Foreign affairs Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, At the joint press conference with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Sochi, “Sputnik V vaccine on Health Minister Our agreement was signed. Some of the information was requested and Health Minister said he came from Russia this information. There is not receiving the vaccine only targets in Turkey is produced in a common manner” had found the explanation.

In the country Gamaleya Institute It was announced that Sputnik V, the first vaccine developed by the company and started to be widely applied, had an efficiency rate of over 90 percent after the completion of Phase 3 tests. Russian Direct Investments Fund, 22 thousand 714 the results of the tests on the volunteer 91.4% efficiency rate, He said it was 100% effective in severe cases.


Turkey’s electricity installed capacity of 96 thousand megawatts Announced As

RDIF President Kirill Dmitriev said last week for the approval of the Sputnik V vaccine next February. Europe To the Union stated that the application was planned and that the peer-reviewed results of the vaccine would be announced soon.

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