Trump’s Twitch Channel Also Permanently Closed

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Donald Trump, the former president of the USA, has also been permanently banned from the live streaming platform Twitch. The platform said in its statements on the subject that Trump could provoke violence and they saw no other solution than the permanent closure of the channel.

Yesterday, an era officially ended in the USA. Losing the November elections Donald trumpHe officially left his post after years of chaos. If we leave aside the political events over the years; Trump’s most scandalous incidents occurred after the announcement that he lost the election. Donald Trump’s active use as the US witnesses unprecedented events in its history social media platforms did not do his best to mute the former president.

In the news we shared with you before, social media applied to Donald Trump from his embargo we mentioned. In this context, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat banned Donald Trump’s account permanently. Now, a new one has been added to these permanent bans. This time, one of the most popular live broadcast platforms of recent years. Twitchhas permanently banned Donald Trump’s channel, now an ordinary US. Twitch’s statements on the subject were parallel to the statements of other platforms.

“Donald Trump’s possibility of provoking violence continues”

Twitch officials, who made statements on the subject, said that Donald Trump could provoke violence. that it continues they said. Stating that this situation can deeply affect the US people and the peace of the society, the Twitch management stated that such an approach was prohibited on the platform. According to Twitch, while the point is in the middle, Donald Trump’s channel permanent closure there was no other solution.


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Twitch officials touch on an important point in their statements on the subject. As you remember, the raid on the senate building in the past weeks, Parler It was said that it was organized through a mobile application named. However, during this process, Trump did not share any sharing or a live broadcast from Twitch. did not realize. Twitch management, which focuses on exactly this issue, also in case of encouraging violence on different platforms. need reaction They announced what they saw and that they would make a change in their policies regarding this issue.

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