What Is The Difference Between SSD And eMMc, Which One Should Be Preferred?

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SSD usage has become widespread due to the serious performance increase in recent years. We now see SSD or eMMC instead of HDD on most computers. So what is this SSD and EMMC, what are the differences?

New PC owners use solid state drives for better performance. Solid State Drive (SSD) prefers. Apart from these two drivers, there is also a “electronic multimedia card” Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) technology. So why did the eMMC technology appear in laptops instead of SSDs and HDDs?

What is eMMC different from SSD? Should you choose eMMC or SSD for your laptop? If you have no idea about these questions, please read the post below carefully. It will help you learn more about eMMC and SSD.

What is eMMC?

Generally, eMMCis a variant of MMC technology, also known as “solid state storage,” and is a memory card standard used. There are various variants of MMC: RS-MMC, DV-MMC, MMCplus and MMCmobile, MMCmicro, MiCard, SecureMMC and eMMC. EMMC can be described as “embedded MultiMediaCard”.

Relatively dlow price and small size It is an internal storage unit that is widely used in portable devices. eMMC; Used in smartphones, digital cameras, entry-level laptops, tablets. eMMC on computers or laptops you can also use. You can also increase the internal storage capacity of a laptop with eMMC by inserting a memory card into the memory card slot.

What is an SSD?

SSD (Solid State Drive), that means Solid State Drive. Sometimes referred to as “solid state device” or “solid state disk”. Compared to other types of storage, SSD is generally the best performance and the best price has. In addition, SSD is more resistant to physical conditions.

On the other hand, SSD technology has quieter operation and relatively lower power consumption, especially with faster reading and writing.

Therefore, users with higher demands for computer performance and sufficient budget are more likely to resort to a laptop with SSD.

What are the differences between eMMC and SSD?

Although both eMMC and SSD operate mainly according to NAND principles, there are numerous differences between the two storage devices. The key difference is that eMMC is based on the MMC standard. flash storage type, SSD is a kind of solid state storage that is. Flash storage units are more useful for detachable hardware.

Function: While eMMC is used as a temporary storage medium for a portable device, SSD is generally used as a permanent storage medium. You can choose a storage type according to your storage environment.

Performance: eMMC and SSD have different performance. eMMC works faster for small file storage and access. However, SSD provides better performance in large file storage. The maximum data transfer rate of eMMC is about 400MB / second, while the maximum transfer rate of SSD is much higher than that of eMMC.

Storage capacities: eMMC has much less storage capacity than SSD. EMMC usually has 32 GB and 64 GB of storage, although 128 GB size is available. When it comes to SSD, it has a lot more space. Available in 128 GB, 256 GB, 320 GB and 512 GB.

eMMC and SSD differ in connections: While eMMC is usually soldered directly to the motherboard, SSD drives are usually connected to the motherboard via the SATA interface. If your laptop does not have a SATA interface, you must use eMMC.

When should you replace eMMC with SSD?

Imagine going a long way to download your favorite game, but you have to wait more than a few minutes to run it because your laptop uses other types of storage devices instead of SSDs. Then your laptop hangs a few times and you lose this game too. Contrary to these issues, a laptop with SSD can help you enjoy better performance, because better reading and writing offers speed.

Also, if the hard drive capacity is less than the capacity of your laptop, you will need to uninstall some applications or delete some files. But a laptop with SSD has larger storage space and it allows you to save more liked and important files.


eMMC has a more affordable price and portable size, but its performance is much worse than SSD. On the other hand, SSD costs less, but has much better performance and longer lifespan. If the budget allows, it is recommended to buy an SSD for your laptop to have a better user experience.

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