YouTube’s Tag Feature Is Now More Available

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YouTube has improved the video tags feature. In the statements made by the company, it was stated that when a tag is clicked, only videos containing that tag will be shown. Videos with the same tag will also be ranked according to the number of views.

World’s most used online video sharing platform YouTubeintroduced a feature that will improve the user experience. YouTube, which introduced the ability to add hashtags to videos a while ago, has now expanded the scope of this feature a bit. Thus, users to videos about the label they will be able to reach better.

YouTube’s hashtag feature, which has been used for a long time, along with other videos using that tag similar contents was also showing. However, as of today, the change made in both mobile and web versions changes this slightly. After that, users will view the videos containing only that tag on the page that will open after clicking a tag. Moreover, these videos, by views It will be placed in order.

This is how YouTube’s new feature looks

For example, a few days ago he prepared a video for you, and in that video, Apple’s from his electric car we mentioned. Our team adds “#Apple”, “#car” and “to the shared video.#ProjectTitanIn this context, when you click on the “ProjectTitan” tag, you will now only view the videos containing this tag. So you will see the videos you want to access directly.


A YouTube Channel Performs ‘Ruggedness Test’ on RAM 1500 TRX All Terrain Vehicle

It should be said that this feature, which can be experienced by all users at the moment, has a deficiency. Namely, many YouTube channels have yet to use tags. habit into did not bring. So if you view tagged videos about a term and you can’t find the content you want, you can use that term directly from YouTube. to call you can choose.

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